Central Rotary Bubble Cushion Water System
In order to form air bubbles and spinning streams, six streams in different directions are gathered in one place, so that it can be used as a soft stream without pain when using.

This type of water stream can be adjusted with more air bubbles and rotate up from 1 to100 levels depending on the elevation angle of the lever.

The angle can be used at a suitable water pressure for each individual.
In case of doing enema, it begins when the water pressure is raised by leaning the upper body forward when seating.

By stopping the lever and starting to stiffen up your abdomen, the gases and waste left in the rectum will be cleanly discharged. Repeat this procedure until you are refreshed then adjust the lever to stop the spraying. The water stream keeps rotating so that you don’t need to worry about the water drops splashing outside of toilet.

People with physical disabilities can easily use our product without the help from others. With the combination of electrical and mechanical devices, you can remove the complex features of bidet and click only the necessary features to ensure that all functions satisfy the users with a single lever.

you can turn off the power since the purpose of power is to heat the toilet seats and water. One of the advantages we have is that you can use and operate the full functions of our bidet without electricity.

Getting enema done before going to bed without the urge of defecating will enhance your health.



img Which paper do we use the most all day?
It’s a common sense that it is toilet paper that is indispensable in everyday life. The daily necessity became easily wasted without any concerns.

Consumption of toilet paper has increased day by day worldwide. To meet its demand, the production has more than doubled. A family of four has used 92 rolls of 70-meter per year over the past 10 years. 220 grams of pulp is needed to make one 70-meter toilet paper. Not to mention, twenty trees of 30- year old need to be cut down to have 1 ton of pulp.

To make soft and white toilet paper we prefer, the process goes through applying fluorescent bleaching agent and fluorescent brightening agent to it. However, its process contaminates our mother nature such as rivers.

Using a roll of toilet paper over box of tissue is cost-effective. It’s cheap and practically, anyone can purchase it anywhere throughout the world.

Typically, recycled paper is used to make white looking toilet paper by adding fluorescent materials. These chemicals may cause users dermatitis or other diseases.

Why don’t you take a part in preserving the environment we already love? Start using our bidet and enjoy all the benefits it may offer to you and protect our environment and start living clean and healthy life.


Experience the pleasure going to a bathroom!
The quality of life starts from the habit of using a bidet in a bathroom.
For better personal Hygiene and Cleaning

As we brush our teeth three times a day for oral and dental hygiene to keep it healthy for lifelong use, we suggest you use bidet three times a day on your anus for personal hygiene. Bidet washes personal sensitive area thoroughly with water stream that traditional toilet paper can’t reach.

Washing with water more effectively reduces the chance of bacterial spreading. In fact, using only toilet paper can actually spread bacteria across an area as opposed to cleaning it away with water. It can cause irritation as well as leaving dirty residue.

Bidet usage can also provide a hands-free experience – your hands stay on your lap, let the bidet work beneath you. It’s hands-free.

Each bidet model is different, and there are many features you can choose from when you buy this type of appliance. Some bidets offer a seat warming function, which provides a warm air that is cleansing and soothing, and you can even find models that provide a warm air brush.

People with certain anal and rectal conditions should use bidet because using toilet paper is painful. If you have hemorrhoids, an anal fissure, anal prolapse, or other problems in this area then a bidet may be the best solution.

With our product, you can vary the temperature and intensity of the water stream for your needs. so you can sooth the rectal area without any rough pressure or rubbing that may cause further inflammation and discomfort. Air dry options provide warm air that does not irritate your skin. Anal itching is a common problem for many people, and this can be caused by residue left by toilet paper. A bidet can eliminate anal itching in many cases and help you stay clean. Kids are learning to use the bathroom because they do not have to be physically limited or disabled an any way.