Jang Clean Doctor


The nozzle is entirely different-it cleans creases in the anal passage as well as the inside of the rectum at the same time

Effective washing
Operating the lever when using the bidet allows the strength of the water spray to be controlled, offering a massage, washing (bidet), and a refreshing cleaning that feels like you’re brushing the inside of your rectum. The water that has been injected inside will coolly discharge any stool or gas

Confident bowel movements
Rectum cleaning done every day purifies the intestinal environment and keeps out several kinds of inner intestinal diseases ahead of time

A refreshing finish
This healthy bidet allows each user to utilize the bidet function as a medical bidet, the cleaning function, and the pleasant bowel movement function to their own personal satisfaction with the water pressure control lever



Warm and cool water meet at the top, rotating and forming bubbles to create mild water

img New Miracle’s air bubbles are different
The nozzle on New Miracle has been created using technical skills accumulated over 30 years A totally new experience
img Filter
The filter doesn’t rust and is made of semi-permanent stainless steel (STS304) material
img One-touch removal
A plate method is used to enable easy cleaning and maintenance of the bidet
img A bidet that is both mechanical and electronic
able to be used both mechanically and electronically
img Centralized rotation bubble
Mild streams of water rotating and spraying out from 6 fine holes
img The mechanical lever
Even medical patients or elderly people who experience bodily discomfort can easily use the bidet with the water pressure they desire

Jang Clean Doctor alpha

A mechanical bidet that doesn’t require electricity

img Use of a simple lever
Medical patients or elderly people who experience bodily discomfort can easily use the lever
img A centralized rotating bubble method
Creates a mild water stream that rotates in 6 holes
img Semi-permanent separate filter
The semi-permanent filter doesn’t rust, and it can be easily disassembled and cleaned at any time