The World’s Most Evolved Cleansing Technique
It was originally developed for “medical care” purpose. it provides a different level of hygiene and comfort than any other equipment out there.
35 years of accumulated experiences and technology, the bubble jet stream allowed us not only making the anal area clean but also removing the gas and remnant in the rectal area.

This technology enables you to adjust the intensity and temperature of the water to suit yourself. User friendly lever makes you experience the feeling of cleansing and refreshing every time you use it.

Technology is evolving. Since the function of traditional bidet only cleans the anus, it does not satisfy the sophisticated consumers. Clean&Tech’s has developed bidet for the mixing of direct water and electric bidet for the first time in the world, so that it can keep the patients suffering from constipation and hemorrhoids such as constipations and anomalies away from pain they deal with every day. We strongly suggest that our product will enhance and prevent symptoms from happening.

Seeing is believing.
A miracle of bowel movement occurs.
The bowel movement becomes pleasure.
Do not hesitate to try it. Your world will change the way it is supposed to be.